The future of the hotels

To become a market leader with super low costs,
you will be strong in competition with other hotels.
No reception staff  -  Save costs

A seamless solution from booking sites to  the hotel door. The hotel choose the method of keys.

No Service staff  -  Save costs

Our technology make the housekeeping  staff supernumerary

What is the solution for the future hotels?

The answer: Total automation and no staff.

let the technology do the job.Get the guests more freedom and the hotel less efforts


Hotel solutions

To saving the costs for expensive staff for cleaning and bed-making let the machine do the job.

Hotel lock

Seamless solution from the booking site to the door integrated to a PMS. Give the guest options to check in. With a smartphone or without.

Compact and innovative

Use every square meter as much as possible to get paid for it. The hotel owner like it and the hotel guests wallet too.


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